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Silent Auction

Bidding for silent auction items remains open for 2 weeks at a time. Each item's current highest bid is updated daily.

Place your bid in-store, or  call us at 928.856.4864 (emailed bids will not be accepted).

Bids for the following items will only be accepted until Saturday 2/18/17 at 3:00pm.

All items offered “as is”. Please visit our store if you wish to examine silent auction items. No guarantees offered for item authenticity.

Bids are updated Tuesday through Saturdays at 4:00 PM.

Mini Clay Teapots

Current High Bid - $32.00

Various miniature clay teapots.

Coach Handbag

Current High Bid - $25.00

One coach handbag.

Wooden Chess Set (Pieces Included)

Current High Bid - $10.00

Wooden chess set with all pieces included.

Star Wars Movies Script and Yoda Doll

Current High Bid - $40.00

Led Zeppelin 10-CD Set

Current Opening Bid - $15.00

Ten CDs full of Led Zeppelin music.

McCoy Pitcher

Current High Bid $10.00

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